The process of printing is one of the most important in this project.

When we created this brand we could only think of it as a process of complete customization, to the point of offering unique and exclusive glasses to each of our clients. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by giving them the chance and opportunity to personalize their sunglasses with their initials, thus providing our added value.

Although the essence of TIWI is associated with this initial customization, we do not limit the imagination and desires of our customers.

This whole process can be found in the data sheet of the product, where the customer will choose 10 characters from letters, numbers or symbols. The customer will also have the option of choosing uppercase, lowercase or even an italics font.

Unless the customer specifies otherwise, serigraphy is done on the left side arm, but with the possibility of doing it on the right side. For these option you must notify us by e-mail on


A.B.C: uppercase, with periods.

A B C: uppercase, no periods.

abc: lower case, no periods.

A.b.c: first capital letter, with periods.

* If you want your initials to go in italics, please check the box.