The disability that combines two sensory deficiencies, visual and auditory, is known as deafblindness. The special needs and the communications problems resulting from this disability depend on the extent or seriousness of the condition in the individual. The people who suffer deafblindness require touch as the only channel of communication with their families, friends and their societies.

Many deaf-blind people face challenges in all aspects of their lives. Simple tasks such as shopping, maintaining a home, and getting an education can be difficult for someone who cannot see or hear well. In1993, Daniel Álvarez, leading a group of deaf-blind people, created ASOCIDE (Deaf-Blind People Society). Trained experts help deaf-blind people reducing communication barriers that otherwise would result in social isolation, incapability to live independently, and inability to participate as citizens within mainstream society.

TIWI wants to collaborate fully with ASOCIDE, and more specifically with one of their projects: the Deaf-blind People event in Spain.

To better understand the activity of the organization click here to see the XII Deaf-blind People Event in Spain celebrated in Cataluña from 17 to 20 last July 2014: (

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